What’s the car that thieves want the most? No, it’s not the lux­ury ones. The hottest ve­hi­cle for thieves to­day is the hum­ble Pro­ton Wira. They steal the cars for the spare parts that are fast be­com­ing scarce. It’s more lu­cra­tive to sell the parts than the whole car.

The Pro­ton Wira, which has lit­tle value in the used car mar­ket, is sur­pris­ingly a hot item among thieves.

Last year, sta­tis­tics showed this model was num­ber one on the stolen cars list. A to­tal of 654 cars were re­ported stolen.


Gen­eral In­sur­ance As­so­ci­a­tion of Malaysia (PIAM) chief ex­ec­u­tive Mark Lim said the cars were def­i­nitely stolen for the parts.

“We be­lieve the stolen ve­hi­cles were can­ni­balised and the parts sold as pro­duc­tion of spare parts for this model has been stopped and the parts are dif­fi­cult to ob­tain in the mar­ket,” he said in an in­ter­view with The Star.

A Pro­ton spare parts dealer in Jalan Ipoh in Kuala Lumpur said many of the Wira’s in­te­rior items are no longer in pro­duc­tion.

Th­ese in­clude the dash­board, in­stru­ment panel, con­trol pan­els, cush­ions, speedome­ter, hand­brake lever, steer­ing and other smaller items in­side the car.

“The parts are scat­tered and dif­fi­cult to find in the mar­ket. Even if they are avail­able, the items could be the last few from the old stock.”

He said many Pro­ton Wira spare parts were be­com­ing more dif­fi­cult to find as the items were no longer in pro­duc­tion.

The in­dus­try, he said, had been told by Pro­ton Wira spare parts man­u­fac­tur­ers that the company planned to cease the pro­duc­tion of parts for this model by the year’s end as it is no longer eco­nomically vi­able to make it.

The only op­tion, he said, was to find the spare parts at the “po­tong-kereta” out­lets. Pro­ton Wira was pro­duced be­tween early 1993 and June 2009.

In its 16 years pro­duc­tion, 952,216 units were sold. It has been es­ti­mated that at least 85% of the mod­els are still on the road.

Proton Wira – Un­wanted by the used ve­hi­cle mar­ket but highly sought after by parts ‘can­ni­bals’

A se­cond-hand car dealer, James Lim, said a Pro­ton Wira in good con­di­tion could fetch be­tween RM2,000 and RM4,500 each, de­pend­ing on the year the car was man­u­fac­tured and its model – ei­ther au­to­matic or man­ual, hatch­back or saloon.

“The value of the model of­fered by se­cond-hand deal­ers is def­i­nitely much lower than the mar­ket price. Some deal­ers are of­fer­ing as much as RM1,000 for the model.”

He said many se­cond-hand deal­ers were re­luc­tant to trade this model as they found it dif­fi­cult to dis­pose of the ve­hi­cles as buy­ers have to pay cash for the car.

“The model is too old, spare parts are dif­fi­cult to find and banks have re­fused loans. Even many in­sur­ance com­pa­nies would not want to in­sure the ve­hi­cles. If they do, Pro­ton Wira car own­ers have to pay a higher pre­mium and ad­di­tional load­ing for it,” he said.

He said the model had been tagged as “high-risk cars for the se­cond-hand mar­ket”.

How­ever, a Sun­gai Besi junk­yard op­er­a­tor, who only wanted to be iden­ti­fied as Lim, said the model still had value, ei­ther as scrap metal or se­cond-hand parts.


A Pro­ton Wira could fetch be­tween RM5,000 and RM7,000 if the ve­hi­cle was can­ni­balised.

The gear­box and en­gine alone can fetch be­tween RM1,000 and RM2,500 each, de­pend­ing on its model and year the ve­hi­cle is man­u­fac­tured.

“The speedome­ter and other gad­gets on the dash­board can fetch good prices as many are no longer or eas­ily avail­able in the mar­ket,” he said.

The en­tire orig­i­nal seats, if in good con­di­tion, could be dis­posed of for RM200 a set.

The junk­yard op­er­a­tor said Pro­ton Wira spare parts were con­sid­ered a hot item in the se­cond-hand mar­ket as there are still many cars of this model on the road.

“It was one of the ro­bust cars, where many of its parts and engines were di­rectly im­ported from Ja­pan, to be as­sem­bled lo­cally when it was first in­tro­duced to the mar­ket.”

Source: Wira – the choice of car thieves | The Star Online