Wondering whether is it worths to line-up long to pump the cheaper petrol the day before the higher price petrol week begins? Here is the historical Malaysia petrol pricing table from March 2017 to December 2017 for RON95 petrol for our analysis.

The second column shows the regular price per litre for RON95 if you pump petrol every week regardless the price for next week.

The third column on the right shows the price you will have paid if you are constantly looking for the cheaper petrol price (this means whenever you figured out that the petrol price will go up next week, you will line-up at the petrol station to fill your tank the night before).

WeekRON95 Petrol Price Per Litre in 2017 (RM)
A. Every WeekB. Cheaper Option
Dec 28, 2017-Jan 32.262.26
Dec 21-27, 20172.272.26
Dec 14-20, 20172.252.25
Dec 7-13, 20172.292.25
Nov 30-Dec 6, 20172.302.29
Nov 23-29, 20172.302.30
Nov 16-22, 20172.382.30
Nov 9-15, 20172.312.31
Nov 2-8, 20172.242.24
Oct 26-Nov 1, 20172.202.20
Oct 19-25, 20172.172.17
Oct 12-18, 20172.162.16
Oct 5-11, 20172.192.16
Sep 28-Oct 4, 20172.162.16
Sep 21-27, 20172.192.16
Sep 14-20, 20172.212.19
Sep 7-13, 20172.202.20
Aug 31-Sep 6, 20172.162.16
Aug 24-30, 20172.152.15
Aug 17-23, 20172.152.15
Aug 10-16, 20172.122.12
Aug 3-9, 20172.072.07
July 27-Aug 2, 20172.032.03
July 20-26, 20171.971.97
July 13-19, 20171.971.97
July 6-12, 20171.931.93
June 29-July 5, 20171.891.89
June 22-28, 20171.911.89
June 15-21, 20171.981.91
June 8-14, 20172.051.98
June 1-7, 20172.102.05
May 25-31, 20172.122.10
May 18-24, 20172.082.08
May 11-17, 20172.012.01
May 4-10, 20172.112.01
Apr 27-May 3, 20172.212.11
Apr 20-26, 20172.272.21
Apr 13-19, 20172.242.24
Apr 6-12, 20172.162.16
Mar 30-Apr 5, 20172.132.13

Let’s quickly do some maths to quantify it. In this example, we are assuming two consumers (A & B), both driving Myvi (40 litres) and pump petrol regularly (once a week).

The Consumer A will have paid RM85.89 per 40 weeks litre for the year 2017 (after March 2017) if he pumps petrol regardless the ups and downs of petrol price for the following week. The total petrol price spent for the year 2017 is RM3435.60.

On the other hand, Consumer B who followed Petrol Price Malaysia, compared the petrol price each week and filled up his car the night before the price rise event will have spent RM85.18 per 40 weeks litre. The total petrol price spent for the year is RM3407.20.

Thus, for a Myvi (40 litres), you will have saved RM28.40 in the year 2017 if you compare RON95 price every Wednesday, and fill up your tank before the petrol price rises the following week.

From this comparison, it is probably NOT WORTH to rush to the petrol station every Wednesday for the saving of RM28.40 a year(unless you need to pump a super large tank of petrol, still that RM0.01 to RM0.05 is “relatively” insignificant).

Instead, why not have a look at the top four petrol saving credit cards in Malaysia? Get a Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum MasterCard, a monthly 15% cashback on a full tank of RM80 petrol (RM12 x 12 = RM144) is actually a lot more compared to that RM28.40 for the whole year.