F1 season is back! What better way to celebrate than to wear the limited edition t-shirt which is “Fit for Champions”!

How Does It Work?

Want to grab this exclusive t-shirt? Here are three ways for you to grab ‘em!

Offer 1 – Purchase the t-shirt at only RM20 when you fuel up with RM30 and above on PETRONAS Primax 95 or PETRONAS Primax 97

Offer 2 – Purchase the t-shirt at RM25 without any additional spend

Offer 3 – Redeem the t-shirt with 1,880 Mesra points when you fuel up RM30 and above on petrol or 2,358 Mesra points for outright purchase!

This campaign is valid at selected PETRONAS stations from 25 March – 30 June 2018. Terms and conditions apply.

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List of Participating Stations



When does the campaign start?

  • 25th March 2018 until 30th June 2018 or while stocks last.

Are all stations participating in this campaign?

  • No, only at selected stations are participating in the promotion.

How do customers purchase the merchandise?

  • There are three (3) methods of purchase:
  • Offer 1 – Discounted Purchase: Customers can purchase the t-shirt at RM 20 with any RM30 and above purchase of PETRONAS Primax 95 or Primax 97.
  • Offer 2 – Outright Purchase: Customers can purchase the t-shirt at RM 25 without any purchase of PETRONAS Primax 95 or Primax 97.
  • Offer 3 – Mesra points redemption: Customers can redeem the merchandise with 1880 Mesra points (for discounted purchase) or 2358 Mesra points (for outright purchase).

Will customers earn Mesra points for merchandise purchase?

  • Yes, customers will earn Mesra points this purchase.

Are customers entitled for discounts on this merchandise?

  • Yes, customers are entitled to purchase the merchandise at RM 20 with every purchase of RM 30 and above for PETRONAS Primax 95 or Primax 97.

Can customers redeem the t-shirt using Mesra points?

  • Yes, the t-shirt can be redeemed by using Mesra points.

Can customers purchase PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel to get the discount?

  • No, only limited to purchase of PETRONAS Primax 95 and PETRONAS Primax 97 only.

Can customers purchase PETRONAS Primax 95 or Primax 97 at certain station but use the receipt to get discount at different PETRONAS station?

  • No, customer needs to do the purchase of both items at the same station.