Spend RM40 on PETRONAS Primax fuels and receive RM1.00 Discount for any purchase at Kedai Mesra and Mini Mesra from 19 – 25 March 2018!


Step 1: Spend RM40 on PETRONAS Primax fuel and keep your receipt

Step 2: Show your receipt to the cashier counter

Step 3: Get RM1 discount for any purchase* at Kedai Mesra!

When is the campaign period?

  • Starting 19th March 2018, 12.01 am to 25th March 2018, 11.59pm.

Are all stations participating in this campaign?

  • Yes, all stations are participating in the campaign – Kedai Mesra, Mini Mesra & Unbranded.

How does the campaign work?

  • Spend RM40 on PETRONAS Primax show your receipt and get RM 1 discount at Kedai Mesra except for cigarettes, Touch N Go & e-Pay Top Up (similar to Bday Bash).
  • Redemption only valid at the same station and for same date purchases as per receipt date.

Is Kad Mesra mandatory for the campaign?

  • No.

Is there any minimum purchase required for the campaign?

  • Yes, RM 40 worth PETRONAS Primax (Primax 95 or Primax 97).

Are customers entitled for one RM 1 discount at Kedai Mesra with every RM 40 purchase in one receipt?

  • Yes, customers are entitled for one RM 1 discount at Kedai Mesra with every RM 40 PETRONAS Primax Purchase. e.g. Receipt amount: RM 40 – RM 1 discount, Receipt amount: RM 80 – RM 2 discount, Receipt amount: RM 120 – RM 3 discount

Is offer valid for Diesel purchase?

  • No.

Can customers collect the receipt and redeem discount at one go?

  • Yes, customers can collect receipts but redemption is only valid at same station on same date as receipt date.

Will the customer get a refund should Kedai Mesra purchase be lesser than RM 1?

  • No, no refund, whether in cash or otherwise, will be provided to the customer for the balance and redemption value for the said transaction cannot be carried forward for next purchases.

What type of RM 40 PETRONAS Primax receipts are valid for offer?

  • Final receipts – valid.
  • OPT Final receipts – valid.
  • Prepayment receipt – invalid.

For more information, read the terms and conditions of PETRONAS “MARCH MANIA” CAMPAIGN.