Apply for a petrol-saving credit card & get awesome FREE Gifts

Here are the top four Cashback Credit Cards for petrol saving that you can apply in Malaysia. You can redeem up to 15% cashback on petrol with these credit cards.

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Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum MasterCard

  • 15% Cashback limited to auto bill payments, online purchases & Petrol
  • 15% Cashback for RM 2,500 min. monthly spend
  • Monthly Cashback capped at RM 85


Rating: 4/5

Citi Cash Back Credit Card

  • 10% Cashback on Petrol spend
  • 10% Cashback for RM 1,000 min. monthly spend
  • Monthly Cashback capped at RM10 (Petrol)


Rating: 4/5

HSBC Amanah MPower Platinum Credit Card-i

  • 8% Cashback on Petrol & Groceries spend
  • 8% Cashback requires a total monthly spend of RM 2,001 and above
  • Monthly Cashback capped at RM 50


Rating: 3/5

Shell-Citi Gold Credit Card

  • 8% Shell Petrol Cashback for Rm 2,500 min. monthly spend
  • 6% Shell Petrol Cashback for RM 1,000 min monthly spend
  • 4% Shell Petrol Cashback for RM 300 min. monthly spend
  • Monthly Uncapped Petrol Cashback when you spend more on Shell Petrol Station


Rating: 4/5