With the development of China’s reform and opening up, the continuous improvement of the level of urbanization and the improvement of the living conditions of the people, the car has become a necessity for the people of the masses.

According to the survey, according to China’s urbanization population and the total amount of elevator equipment in use, roughly 200 million people take the cars every day.

As the car involves public safety, it is directly related to the safety and convenience of the people’s daily life. The elevator safety has become one of the topics of concern for the world. So we need to have a test for the Speed Governor For Vehicles.

The car may cause the safety accidents to occur when the speed limiting device for vehicles is broken, the brake failure or the power shortage, and so on, which may lead to the danger of speeding and even falling in the car.

The function of the speed limiter chip is to stop the car and prevent the passengers and equipment from being hurt in the above cases, thus avoiding the occurrence of safety accidents, so the vehicle speed limiter system is an extremely important part of the elevator’s safe operation.

In general, the speed limiter must carry out the type test before going out of the factory. Under normal conditions, the performance can be guaranteed relatively, but as the elevator is put into use, the speed limiter may weaken or even fail because of wear and corrosion in use.

Therefore, the elevator must be taken to the elevator. The speed limit system is checked regularly. Its principles and key points are briefly described below.

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